I am the CEO of a Tech Company, where my job is to understand and simplify web and mobile applications to enable seamless development for clients from all over the world. For me it’s all about digging deep into latest trends and building innovative products that make lives simpler. So, tell me what is it that drives YOU? Say hello!

You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right ~ Steve Jobs

Talking about skills, I’m fluent in PHP and JavaScript with ample knowledge of 5 other programming languages.

My obsessions include self-awareness, latest technology, programming, writing (business and creative), well-made coffee, Sherlock Holmes (BBC), Iron Man (RDJ), Deadpool, intelligence in humans (quite rare to find) and hacking (just for fun).


I like working with and supporting passionate Entrepreneurs. The story of my journey with Aplos Innovations and vision for promoting Entrepreneurship enabled me to win the  Payoneer’s Entrepreneurs of the Year 2016 Award that was covered by ProPakistani as well.
From 2013 to 2015 I was the General Secretary of OPEN (The largest organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs in the world), where I had the unique opportunity to work for the promotion of Entrepreneurship  and to  network with seasoned Entrepreneurs.


Public Speaking is not something that I focus on, but whenever I’m invited to  speak to a younger audience, I try my best to  share my very limited knowledge, failures as an Entrepreneur and  lessons that worked out for me.


Any questions? Need help? Feel free to contact me.