So many days we wake up with an enthusiastic plan in mind to accomplish the day’s goals and be the best of ourselves but suddenly something happens and the mood is all ruined.

One undesired event turns your whole world upside down. You no longer have the motivation to focus on what you planned to do and all your energy is focussed on something that shouldn’t even matter in the first place. This happens because we live life with a reactive approach, instead of a proactive one.

People whom you find unaltered by what happens around them are not always apathetic to the situations and surroundings, they can most probably be living a proactive life. A life where their actions control their life instead of the actions of others.

You cannot reach your destination by throwing stones at every dog that barks. You need to understand that every situation doesn’t require a response and not every person is worth your time and energy. Letting your surroundings control your mood not only results in an internal mess but also affects the people whom you interact with; who have to face the consequences of something they had nothing to do with.

Living a reactive life will only result in emotional catastrophe where your days will end with regrets of what you could have achieved instead of wasting your time on irrelevant people and situations.

Take charge of your life and focus on what matters.