A few weeks ago I read an article on tribune (Pakistan’s GDP expansion fails to create youth employment) which highlighted a lot of legit concern areas about the failures of our Government which is the cause of unemployment in Pakistan. In my opinion (with all due respect to the writer), it is like a rant message of a troubled wife about her husband’s mistakes which only focuses on the bad side of the equation, creating the worst possible image of Pakistan and completely ignoring the numerous opportunities it contains.

My friend Nadeem Alikhan shared this article with a positive message which is worth sharing here:

Rubbish! Jobs are as available as they were! Only the trends have changed!

This is something I previously have and still continue to disagree with. It is never the resource but the resourcefulness that has always mattered. Irrespective of innovative practices and evolving thought processes, our institutes fail to understand that knowledge, skill and attitude are developed best at lower ages and not the last minute! Irrespective of how many development workshops you throw at your graduates, their core competence must be hit at a time when they’re entering the growth phase and not after they’re done with it.

Saying that the job market doesn’t have vacancies is a mere statement to get away from the blame game. We have failed to recognize that with changing trends, the demands for competence have changed too. Job vacancies are still there and in a “greater” bulk, yet the two categories who have a higher chance of survival are either those who stand out in terms of their behavioral acumen or the ones who opt for positions different from the cliched ones that have already become saturated.

According to a video by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the most surviving jobs have completely changed from what they were previously.


Those who’ve understood this already are being placed well. Those who haven’t put their brain to use, its about time.

Quite frankly, everyone who is outdated with what’s happening around the globe is playing this same blame-game for their own incapability to upgrade and  understand how  rapidly the world is changing

The tribune article contains a statement about how “MBAs even from decent business schools are not getting desired job opportunities”. This statement is wrapped in a sequence of well-written sentences containing facts and stats that puts all of this blame on the Government and the conditions of our Country.


The condition mentioned in the article is true to a great extent but the blame is shared by all of us.

  • The schools that are so busy in filling their pockets that they ignore how important it is to induce willingness and technique to learn in young minds.
  • The parents that don’t have the time and will to pay attention to their children for helping them select a career which they can excel at irrespective of what Uncle Munir (who has a miserable job BTW) believes about the “scope” of CA and MBA.
  • The universities that are failing to educate undergrads about the industry and its demands because the professors hired to create a batch of competitive professionals haven’t even heard about Forbes, Techcrunch or Mashable.
  • And finally the Corporate Sector that is not showing much interest to participate in the academic growth of individuals oblivious of the fact that these individuals are bound to join them at a later stage and will eventually become part of the human resource that drives the growth of our Country.