Most of the time when a relationship (personal or professional) comes to an end, it feels like a sudden happening. Usually, one of the parties think it was unjust, or fail to identify the mistakes or decisions that led to it. “What was my mistake?” is the basic question which surprisingly doesn’t ever get a satisfying answer.

It is not always our big decisions that destroy our relationships, more often it is the opposite. Every relationship we have, personal or professional, presents us with decisions numerous times a day. To wake up on time for work, to kiss your wife good-bye, to greet your colleagues with a smile, to call your mom, to put reminders about events that matter, to have dinner with your family, and 100s of other micro-decisions are presented to us that we carelessly ignore.

Relationships are built (and have to be maintained) by conscious effort. Whenever you are presented with a decision, identify the gravity of that situation, otherwise in the best case scenario, you will be deducting a few valuable points from your overall relationship score, and in the worst causing irreparable damage.

Setting priority of people in our lives is the most important decision that we ignore, which in turn becomes the pathway to a catastrophic end of relationship or a toxic transformation, leaving us with an unanswered question, “What was my mistake?”.