“Women are better than men”. It is like saying all oranges taste better than all apples. No matter how rotten an orange is in the bunch.

Our lazy minds tend to group our judgements to avoid extra processing on each individual. We tend to ignore individual character of a person and use the existing prejudices we have, to assess their threat level and to what extent they can belong in our life.

Stereotyping is not only when you point a finger at someone and judge them. We all do it in a far more accepted way in our daily lives.

We see a common trait in someone, their race, gender, zodiac etc. and start protecting it whenever there is a conflicting debate. We protect them like our own. We generalize our good qualities and associate these with the whole lot. Without thinking that there are rotten ones in the bunch we are so boldly protecting.

Grouping ourselves with a set of individuals somehow gives us a sense of belonging that we, as humans, have been longing since birth. A girl whom you absolutely hate as a person suddenly becomes a part of “we girls are better” when it comes to a discussion with the opposite gender. We hate and discriminate not based on the individual character and actions of a person, rather on the traits that usually have nothing to do with how a person actually is.