What is good news for the Apple Fans and a treat for the Marketers is another trip to school for iOS Developers!

Wasn’t their lives complicated enough with extra working hours and pain-in-the-a** clients that they have to deal with additional tech from Apple every now and then. When Swift came, iOS Developers had to rush to Google for help to know more about it. Then came Watch which was supposed to be a new Wave rising and anyone who doesn’t ride it gets washed away by it.

Now, with yesterday’s Event and the announcement of Apple’s iOS 9 and the new-born iPhone 6S, iOS Developers are again called to the classroom with a new lesson, the 3D Touch.

Clients have already gone to their thinking-rooms and will come out with ideas and features that need to be built on 3D Touch. Developers will be called by Project Managers and requests/orders of creating magic with 3D Touch will be in the air! If you were under a rock or something, here’s the video to bring you back to life:

So, get your learning-hats on and start reading.