Ford just gave its hybrid car owners a new reason to get a smart-watch on their wrist.

With the smartwatch apps for Android Wear and Apple Watch, Ford owners can not only unlock their doors but also track their car to where they parked it.

If you had been following Ford’s news, you must know MyFord Mobile apps for iOS and Android, that are compatible with the Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Focus Electric and Ford Fusion Energi.

Ford rolled out two new smartwatch apps Wednesday for the Android Wear and the Apple Watch. The apps allow users to unlock their doors, check their mileage and battery stats and find directions to where they parked.

The apps seem to be mainly targeted to electic and hybrid vehicles with features like checking battery charge status and current range and viewing a summary of current mileage.

The notification feature on complete charges can prevent fees at charging stations that charge people who use more than their allotted time. You can also check the last trip summary breaking down the stats of last drive including miles per gallon (or miles per gallon equivalent), and ratings for your driving and braking efficiency.

Volvo’s On Call app allows things that Ford hasn’t added yet like the “remotely park your car” but might be added in the future updates. On the other hand, BMW’s (teased) watch app does similar things including remotely starting your car, unlock doors, check fuel levels and find your last parking spot.

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