Be reliable.

Creating a world where every business has equal access to reliable tech talent

Why I do what I do?

To help people understand technology & humans,
so that we can improve business and life together


I'm a self-taught programmer (proficient in PHP, JS and Python). Coding for me is a hobby, profession and life.


If you want to go far, go together. "Business" for me is a means to serve a cause with exponentially growing impact.


The most fulfilment I get is not from technology or business. It is from helping humans understand and grow.

How I do it?

As CEO of Mikaels Labs

At Mikaels Labs, I am responsible for helping our people become reliable tech partners for businesses across Europe.

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As a Speaker

Public speaking has been out of my comfort-zone as an introvert, but I'm not shy of speaking whenever invited to share my knowledge.

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As a Content Creator

I actively create content on social media to disseminate knowledge about tech, leadership and humans.

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Sometimes I write

A workplace for Humans

If you're dealing with some personal issues, and your performance is going down, does your boss or HR ask you "Are you okay?" or do they tell you to work harder and deal with your issues?

About AI on TechCrunch

it is best for business owners to stay on their toes to follow the rapid development in the AI space and decide to make a move when confident about the need of a chatbot in their business model.

Developing A Chatbot

This tutorial gives you hands-on access to my journey of creating a digital assistant capable of connecting with any system via a RESTful API to perform various tasks.

Relaunch Yourself

Whether you’re stuck with a nine-to-five job that you absolutely hate, or struggling with starting your own business, the struggle narrows down to one question: “What am I supposed to do?”